SUNKKO/Glitter 36KW Battery Spot Welder - 811A - Sunkko

SUNKKO/Glitter 36KW Battery Spot Welder - 811A

SUNKKO/Glitter 36KW Battery Spot Welder - 811A

SUNKKO/Glitter 36KW Battery Spot Welder - 811A

Introducing the Glitter 811A Battery Spot Welder - the ultimate solution for your spot welding needs. This newly designed welder boasts cutting-edge features that make it a game-changer in the world of spot welding. This spot welder is super powerfull, confidently welding 0.3mm copper to lithium ion cells with ease! 

Advanced Energy Storage: The Glitter 811A is equipped with six super capacitors, ensuring efficient energy storage for your welding projects. Say goodbye to traditional AC transformer spot welders that cause electric circuit interference and frequent tripping issues. Our welder is engineered to keep your work seamless and hassle-free.

Millisecond Pulse Technology: Experience the power of millisecond pulse technology combined with a maximum welding power of 36 KW. This innovative technology guarantees reliable and precise welding results every time.

'AL-NI' Super Power Mode: Our welder comes with an 'AL-NI' super power mode, offering a maximum welding current of 6 KA. This means you can directly weld 0.35mm pure nickel to the aluminum terminals of LiFePO4 prismatic batteries, eliminating the need for expensive aluminum-nickel composite strips.

Compact and Portable: Unlike traditional spot welders, our Glitter 811A is compact and lightweight, ensuring easy portability. The sleek design and durable aluminum alloy housing not only enhance its aesthetics but also make it a robust and reliable tool for your projects.

Professional Accessories: Equipped with a 75A professional welding pen, a 73S handle-push welding arm, and 'AT/MT' two welding modes, this welder enhances your work efficiency. The 100-500ms time-delay welding function offers flexibility to cater to your specific welding needs.

Efficiency Unleashed: With its low power consumption technology, our welder can operate continuously for up to 12 hours without heating issues. This means you can work longer and more efficiently without disruptions.

Choose the Glitter 811A Battery Spot Welder for a seamless welding experience that combines cutting-edge technology, portability, and efficiency. Elevate your welding projects with this powerful and reliable machine.


Main Machine x 1

Power Adapter x 1

75A Separated-style Welding Pen x 1

Replacing Welding Electrodes for 75A x 1 pair

Foot Pedal Switch x 1

Pure Nickel Strips x 20 pcs

Aluminum-nickel Composite Strips x 20 pcs

User Manual x 1

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